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    Spring 2017 Issue – Print

    We cannot wait for you to get your hands on this beautiful Spring 2017 issue. This issue is our VERY FIRST print issue and we are GEEKING out over here! We have limited stock, so make sure to get your hands on one!

    This issue is also available at 31 Twenty Five Boutique in Cookeville, Tennessee and Blooms & Linen in Zionsville, Indiana.

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In this issue, you’ll read stories of women that have placed the blueprints of their lives into His capable hands, trusting that His drawings are far better than our best dreams for ourselves. You’ll read the story of a family and woman who opened her heart to God’s idea of growing their family through adoption. You’ll read the story of a woman who has decided to truly let go of the plans she has for herself and let God determine what fills her life. You’ll read about the story of a woman who has stopped finding her worth from her relationship status and has found peace in waiting on His plan for her life. You’ll read about a woman’s journey of finding her voice in how she can speak up for those experiencing injustice all around her. You’ll be challenged to explore what loving in faith and deed looks like when it comes to the current refugee crisis. You’ll read about identity. You’ll read about authenticity. And you’ll even be able to share this issue with the man in your life, to encourage and equip him in leading you as you lead.

Míla Mag isn’t full of feel-good stories. It’s full of God-stories. It’s full of women (and men) who are open to learning and sharing the things they see God doing in their lives, hearts, and stories. We’re here to say that you’re not alone. We’re here to say, “Me Too”. 

ISSUE 002 is all about opening our hearts and hands to what He is doing in our lives. It’s about recognizing our need for Him…not just in the moments we actually need Him, but especially in the moments we feel we don’t. So often, we can find ourselves going DAYS without lifing our eyes to Him and what He is doing in us and around us because we are so focused on the things we are able to do ourselves. 

What if we begin to take our eyes off of ourselves and LOOK UP? What if we begin each day asking God to open our eyes to what He is doing and thanking Him that He allows us to be a part of it? What if we spend our time here on this Earth  confident in not only the things He’s already equipped us with, but also in the things He hasn’t so we are able to do the things we can’t do on our own? 

You have been equipped with everything you need right now, today. 

In this issue, you’ll find five distinct sections:

  • She is VALOR (highlighting a woman of VALOR)
    • This issue features Hillary Froning, wife of CrossFit Games Champ, Rich Froning. Hillary shares her story about her adoption of their daughter.
  • Spiritual (to encourage our souls)
    • What I’ve Learned From Letting Go by Dija Henry
    • Waiting On The Lord by Julie VanDeWoestyne
  • Society (on saturating our culture with Christ)
    • More Than A Square by Tabitha Panariso
    • Getting Back To The Basics by Krista Dunbar
  • Speak Up (on advocating, fighting for justice, and speaking Truth over yourselves and others)
    • Finding My Voice by Lydia Sharp
    • Loving In Deed & Truth by Jordan Kavuma
  • He Is VALOR (an article to the man in your life, from a man in ours!)
    • Leading A Leading Woman by Chris Dunbar

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“The purpose of this magazine is to equip and encourage you and all women…to speak up for yourself and others in the Spirit despite what society says.

I’ve needed something like this in my own life as I’ve matured through my 20’s…growing into my own personality through the obstacles of life in our current culture, and learning to use my own voice. I pray that the words of this magazine encourage you to do all of those things and more, hoping and trusting in God who made you exactly who you are…knowing you are secure in the freedom and abundance of life that only Christ can give.

YOU…are a woman of Valor.”